My soft & comfy holiday appearance with all the UGG Home Collection from Bed Bath & Beyond — Sunny Circle Studio

Man, I really like the holidays. I am that person who puts their Christmas tree in mid-July and watches re-runs of Elf to get a complete weekend. Well, to be honest I did this once, but I truly do adore this time of year! I adore all of the delish treats, the Elvis Christmas album, Home Alone 2, egg nog and watching the delight in my kid’s faces as the big day approaches! And I truly love the decorations, especially for your tree!

And talking of beautiful holiday decoration, I had been fortunate enough for to try some of the soft and comfy holiday bits out of the UGG Home Collection in Bed Bath & Beyond this season. Along with also my tree (and living area ) are extremely happy about it.

Let us dive into the specifics!

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