Contemporary House With A Minimalistic, White Aesthetic

Though it remains of a fairly modest plot of land, this cool-looking modern home makes the most of its own location and carries full advantage of their views. The home has been created by Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos and can be situated in Ibiza. It is a two-storey arrangement using a clean and glossy decorative and it enjoys a very close link with the outside, with a backyard pool with an adjoining deck shielded from the cantilevering upper volume.

The irregular topography did not actually affect the job at a negative but instead motivated the architects to perform different heights, providing the home more measurement and much more personality.

The house opens up fully to let the views and the outdoors in, both on the ground floor and the upper level
View in gallery
The home opens up entirely to allow the views along with the outside in, either on the ground floor and the top layer
The corner plot offers multiple advantages, the views being the most significant oneView in gallery
The corner plot provides multiple benefits, the perspectives being the most important one

It is very important to mention that the home sits on a corner lot that gives it a very clear field of view, permitting it to provide wonderful panoramic views that are well emphasized from the glazed corners which effortlessly blur the borders between the indoor and the outdoor spaces.

 The house has a very clean and minimalistic aesthetic, featuring an all white exterior with large glazed surfacesView in gallery
The home has a very clean and glossy aesthetic, including a white outside with large glazed surfaces
The cantilevered upper level forms a protective roof over the poolside deck, making the indoor-outdoor transition even smootherView in gallery
The cantilevered upper layer creates a protective roof over the poolside deck, and which makes the indoor-outdoor transition much smoother
The ground floor has sliding glass panels and glazed corners which take full advantage of the views in every wayView in gallery
The ground floor has sliding glass panels and glazed corners that take advantage of these views in each manner

The ground floor is where most of the day areas are located, together with the kitchen, living area and dining room being combined to a large open quantity. The cantilevered upper layer comprises all of the nighttime spaces with the exception of the master bedroom suite that occupies the whole western side of the home. The top floor opens onto a constant terrace that extends across the poolside deck also contains glass railings that don’t block the view nevertheless are secure and durable.

The plot is not big but still leaves room for a backyard pool and a garden area to the sideView in gallery
The storyline Isn’t Large but still leaves room for a garden pool and a garden area to the side
The water in the pool is level with the deck which enhances the continuity between all the different spacesView in gallery
The water from the swimming pool is level with the deck that enriches the goodwill between all the different spaces
A crisp white curved wall frames the site offering it privacy from the street without blocking the views, thanks to the uneven topographyView in gallery
A sharp white curved wall frames that the website offering privacy from the road without obstructing the viewpoints, Because of the irregular topography
The upper level, just like the ground floor, has a fully transparent rear facade which opens onto a terraceView in gallery
The top level, Exactly like the earth floor, includes a completely transparent rear facade that opens onto a patio
Inside, the kitchen, living room and dining area share the same volume with a sleek staircase serving as a backdropView in gallery
Indoors, the kitchen, living area and dining room share the Identical volume with a slick staircase serving as a background
The sliding glass doors bring inside the wonderful views, allowing them to be the center of attentionView in gallery
The sliding glass doors deliver Within the Terrific views, Letting Them be the Middle of focus
The ground floor spaces have a double orientation which facilitates cross ventilation and spacial continuityView in gallery
The ground floor spaces possess a dual orientation that eases cross venting and spacial continuity
The interior design is minimalistic, with clean white walls, ceilings and concrete flooring throughout the houseView in gallery
The interior design is slick, with blank white walls, ceilings and concrete floors throughout the home
The neutral chromatic palette and overall lack of eye-catching features allow the interior design to put full emphasis on the viewsView in gallery
The neutral chromatic palette and General lack of eye-catching attributes enable the interior layout to place Whole emphasis on the viewpoints
The ground floor living areas lack the usual ceiling-mounted light fixtures, featuring LED strips insteadView in gallery
The ground floor living spaces lack the Typical ceiling-mounted light fittings, including LED strips rather
The house manages to take advantage of the views but also to maintain a nice level of privacy throughout the spacesView in gallery
The home manages to take benefit of these perspectives but also to maintain a Wonderful degree of solitude during the spaces

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