A Corten Steel Mountain Retreat Tames The Rugged Colorado Landscape

Harsh and rocky landscapes are not perfect for building family houses on but that does not mean it is not possible to do so. In reality, again and again architects can impress us with all the innovative options they find to challenging issues and challenging scenarios. The Owl Creek house from Snowmass, Colorado is an inspiration for us all. This is a project developed by Skylab studio in 2015. The house blends into the landscape in a really unique way which has a great deal to do with its corten steel exterior shell.

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This can be an amazing mountain mountain retreat located in the Snowmass area of Colorado
The residence is shared by two families and includes separate private zones for eachView in gallery
The house is shared with two households and contains different private zones for every
The exterior of the residence has a corten steel frame which allows it to easily blend into the landscapeView in gallery
The outside of the house includes a corten steel framework that enables it to readily blend into the landscape
The interior is welcoming and cozy right from the entryway, featuring wood-paneled walls and a live-edge benchView in gallery
The inside is composed and cozy from the entryway, including wood-paneled walls along with a live-edge seat

Perched on the hillside, the home offers panoramic views of the neighboring mountain. Huge windows and glazed surfaces open the chambers and permit natural lighting to dash in but even with that the home does not really look exposed in the exterior. The protective corten steel casing keeps a contained and romantic appearance. So far as the interior is concerned, the house involves a run of lodge-like temperate regions all clustered together in the middle. A cozy fireplace seating area, a spacious kitchen with a huge bar and many nooks make this house feel quite comfy and welcoming. This is a common home for 2 families so the personal spaces are split into two limbs.

This is one of the cozy seating areas clustered at the center of the house and shared by all inhabitants
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This is among those comfy seating areas clustered at the Middle of the Home and shared by most people
The corten facade ages with time and becomes more and more embedded into the landscapeView in gallery
The corten facade ages with time and becomes increasingly embedded into the landscape
The connection between the house and the rugged landscape surrounding it is a very strong oneView in gallery
The Link Between the Home and the rocky landscape surrounding It’s a Really powerful one
When seen from a distance, the house looks like a natural part of the environmentView in gallery
When viewed from a distance, the home looks like a normal part of the surroundings
The visual separation between the indoor and outdoor is minimized through a series of transition spacesView in gallery
The visual separation between the indoor and outside is diminished through a series of transition distances
The interior spaces feel intimate and cozy but at the same time they have an open feelView in gallery
The inside spaces feel romantic and cozy but in Precisely the Same time they have an open texture
A series of communal areas are clustered together, forming a shared social areaView in gallery
A Set of tropical areas are bunched together, forming a shared societal field
The array of materials, finishes and colors is reduced to only a few simple ones which bring the house closer to natureView in gallery
The Collection of materials, finishes and colours is reduced to just a few Straightforward ones that bring the home closer to character
As the panoramic views unfold around it, the residence itself becomes a part of the landscapeView in gallery
As the scenic views unfold about it, the house itself becomes an integral part of the landscape
The relationship with its immediate surroundings and distant views played a very important role in the overall design of the houseView in gallery
The connection with its immediate environment and distant perspectives played an Essential role in the overall design of the Home

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